about us

EVENTORS ENTERPRISES is an initiative to bridge he divide between Rural and Urban India. Our aim is to bring the Rural, Traditional and Agricultural products to the urban market at affordable prices. We also intend to uplift the lives of producers in Rural India by providing them with the opportunities beyond their traditional procurement system. EVENTORS ENTERPRISES works closely with the Rural artifacts and farm producers to eliminate middlemen and expose them to direct interaction with corporate market. Our Mission: The creation of EVENTORS ENTERPRISES is a part of the mission itself. Our mission is to standardize the procurements of the produce at rural end. With the government trying to boost the income as well as the living standards of peasantry community throughout the nation, it needs agencies and companies like ours (EVENTORS ENTERPRISES ) to make that happen. To fulfill the dream of India reaching out to the last in the line, we at EVENTORS ENTERPRISES will continue with our mission to facilitate in most possible ways. Our Products: 1. Makhana (Foxnut): It is Agricultural product full of nutrition and medicinal benefits. This is considered to be exclusive produce owing to its limited area of cultivation. We have full network of providing the affordable Raw Makhana for bulk consumers. We also have packaged Raw Makhana for retailers and end users. 2. Rural Art: It includes Madhubani/Mithila Paintings as well as other forms of rural and traditional artifacts (Such as “Sikki” crafts and Sujni making) of Bihar.